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Manage and submit my ads
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Manage and submit my ads

Manage and submit my ads

To post an ad: Click on Post an ad at the top of the page. The button is always visible.

Note: to post an ad you must be logged in or create an account on our site.

Indicate your first and last name or your nickname.

Note: Identity information will not be shown to users.

Enter your phone number to allow users interested in your property to contact you.

Note: you can hide your phone number by checking the box "hide your number in the ad"

Choose your category.

Fill in the different fields.

Note: do not hesitate to fill in all the fields of the form to better target your ad.

Choose the title and description carefully to optimize your sale

You can add a video.

Indicate the price.

Indicate the location if you do not wish to enter your exact address, enter your street without giving the number.

Add photos, you can add up to 10 photos for free.

You can boost your ad by choosing one of the leading ad options.

Click on Validate.

Note: If the button remains grayed out, you forgot to fill in a required field or an error is present.

You will receive a confirmation email once your ad is published, you can find it in the Ads section of your account. Note: If you cannot find your ad, contact us.

So that users have as much information as possible and so that you have a better chance of selling your vehicle, we recommend that you give the vehicle specific details in the text of your ad.

Choose the title of your ad carefully and fill in all the criteria offered.

HTML code and tags cannot be used. This will be automatically deleted.

Finally, be sure to respect the distribution rules of our site so that your ad is not refused.

In the ad submission form, click on the numbers:

then select the photos illustrating your vehicle then validate.

You can add up to 10 photos for free.

An ad with photos is 7 times more viewed than an ad without a photo.

In case of difficulty inserting a photo in your ad, we invite you to check the format of your photo. Photos must be in GIF, BMP, PNG or JPEG format

Ideally, use photos of up to 1200 KB in size to minimize upload time. However, whatever the size of these, your photos will be compressed.

Filing an ad on is completely free for individuals and PROs.

To know our distribution rules, prohibited products and mandatory information to provide, click here

The advertisement of a property for sale must be filed in the municipality where the property is located.

To confirm the submission of your ad:

Click on the link in the confirmation email received after submitting your ad.

If the link didn't work, copy it to your browser's address bar.

If you have not received a confirmation email, we invite you to check your "junk mail" (some email services consider the confirmation message to be an unsolicited email).

Once your ad is confirmed, it will be checked within 24 hours.

You will receive a validation email once your ad is online.

To prevent you from being spam (unwanted emails), we refuse to display your email address in clear text on the site.

We advise you not to include it in the text of your ad.

To contact you, users of the site can use the response form that we make available to them, in which your address is not visible.

Your ad will remain online for 60 days, during which time you can delete it yourself.

At the end of this period, your ad will be automatically deactivated. You will then receive an email to renew it for free for the same duration.

Subscription to one or more paid option (s) during the life of the advertisement does not extend the initial life of the advertisement.

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